How to wear a slimming belt after giving birth ?

abril 11, 2022 6 min read

How to wear a slimming belt after giving birth ?

One of the most common questions asked by women after giving birth is whether they will still be able to put on their usual lingerie. Indeed, it has been established that the post-pregnancy period reveals some small changes in the female abdomen. Between cellulite and skin that becomes distended, it is very easy to find yourself with an unsightly belly. Fortunately, it is possible to slim down your body thanks to body shaping. However, wearing a girdle implies the respect of a particular method of use. Discover through this guide the different procedures to put on a girdle after a pregnancy.


The use of a slimming girdle is not a game. If it is normal to invest in the purchase of a slimming corset to better support the abs, this is not the case with a girdle. If you really want to wear a girdle after giving birth, it is highly recommended to seek medical advice. Conveniently, you can get an appointment with a midwife or your personal physician. The latter will carry out a post-partum follow-up in order to study the feasibility of this experiment.

In some cases, the doctor may refuse to allow you to wear the abdominal strap because of the fragility of the cellular tissues. For example, if you had a c-section during delivery, the use of a girdle may be risky, but is not impossible.

Once you have received confirmation from your doctor, you can now choose your girdle. Before wearing the girdle, it is particularly recommended to carefully apply an anti-stretch mark cream to the entire belly. Afterwards, consider trying massages applied by a physiotherapist to relax the abdominal muscles that have been under some pressure.

Also, don't hesitate to get rid of it when you feel discomfort. Indeed, some specialists believe that it is not necessary to wear the post-pregnancy girdle 24 hours a day. It can become unpleasant especially when you find yourself in a sitting position. In short, it is important to go at your own pace without putting stress on your body.


The first few days following childbirth are generally delicate. Between 0 and 6 weeks after giving birth, the mother is not fully recovered, and her belly is still fragile. It is then obvious that her recovery and comfort must take precedence over her desire to regain a slim waist.

For this, she will have to pay attention to the chosen sheathing. The latter must be light and adjustable in order to better support the compression.

In fact, you must start the first uses of the slimming belt in a soft way to avoid new wounds. It is also important to adjust the accessory properly so that it does not slip or deform. In addition, it is crucial to constantly check your breathing while wearing it. If you are forced to breathe slightly while wearing the girdle, don't hesitate to remove it to readjust it.

Here, the goal is to have a girdle that not only protects your belly, but also facilitates your comfort throughout the day, if you do not want to use a girdle read instead our article: Hide your belly without a girdle.

To this end, new mothers should not be interested in using a slimming girdle forever. More precisely, it is recommended to wear the abdominal belt between 3h and 8h per day and 5 days out of 7. However, this is a customizable rule. You can, for example, start with a short duration of one hour and progress with time. And since the girdle cannot replace your clothes, you can wear loose clothing so as not to feel the presence of the girdle.

In addition, think about putting on your girdle if you want to run errands or do housework. This way of proceeding allows your body to better get used to this new experience.


Between 6 weeks and 12 months after giving birth, a woman tends to experience some signs of internal healing. She can therefore resume certain daily routines such as physical activity without fearing for her health.

At this point, there are different models of girdles available to you, but the most effective is the slimming girdle for gyms. In fact, it is a model specially designed to increase the thermal activity of your body during sports sessions. Between cardio, walking and some muscular activities, you are sure to create more heat and sweat that you need to firm up your belly.

On the other hand, don't hesitate to get out of the house to run errands or visit friends. This is also a smart way to work your stomach without extra effort.

At the same time, it is recommended to review the configuration of the abdominal belt. After 12 months, the compression level can be tightened further so that the presence of the girdle is more noticeable. At the beginning, it is an excellent idea to ask for help to properly tie the strap in the back.

Also, you can reinforce your suit with belly slimming clothing such as leggings.

However, be sure to listen to your body during the experiment. The goal is not to hurt yourself. On the contrary, the abdominal belt is designed to gently hold your abdomen and support your core. So don't try to put it on too tightly so as not to cause discomfort to your pelvic floor.


Three months after giving birth, most women dream of regaining their waspish waist by any means. Here, it should be pointed out that the way of wearing the girdle is slightly different compared to the previous periods. Although some muscles may seem weak, you can now wear your waist belt for a long time.

Generally, 8 hours is enough to feel the effects of the strap throughout the day. It becomes a faithful companion that you need to take everywhere. In addition, the level of compression must evolve. In other words, tighten the snap closure as much as possible to keep your posture upright.

Of course, your belt should remain very comfortable so as not to interfere with your ability to perform tasks or breathe. Also, it is best to place the girdle directly on your bare skin. This may seem obvious, but it is very effective in making going to the bathroom easier.

At the same time, remember that the therapeutic advantages of the girdle are not enough to lose belly. It is also necessary to favour a healthy diet or a slimming diet to accompany the usefulness of the abdominal girdle. By the way, avoid meals that couldn't be more hearty. This goes without saying, as eating a large meal can cause a stomach ache or cause your stomach to bounce under the girth. Finally, don't forget that the best results involve physical activity.


Now that you have all the information on the use of the slimming girdle, it is important to look at the type of model that suits you. First, avoid at all costs investing in a plus-size girdle or one that is too small. The best model is essentially the one that can adapt to your morphology and your needs. To this end, there is a wide range of models on the market, such as :

  • The corset style girdles: usually with boning or a snap closure, it can be adjusted to your desires. This is one of the models that offers the necessary support for post-partum recovery.
  • The zip girdle: as its name indicates, this model has a zip on the side or front. More specifically, it is a zip that you can easily manipulate to properly tighten your abdominal strap.
  • The wrap style girdle: particularly complex, it is attached at the back and is characterized by a front envelope that you can wrap around a middle section.
  • The pull-up style girdle: very practical, it is presented as lingerie that you can put on under a high waist. However, it is not recommended for women who gave birth by caesarean section.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the best models available on the market. However, if you are looking for a reference, the online store Body Shaper offers you a unique choice. It is the post pregnancy girdle delivered with 3 belts in 1 kit.

It meets all the criteria and will keep you company throughout the post-partum period. Indeed, this model is made with a soft fabric that prevents the abdominal band from rolling up when you are sitting or moving. Very versatile, adjustable and above all comfortable, it is the best gift for a nanny. Finally, the store offers it to you with a quality price under different waist sizes. Do not hesitate any more and wear the best girdle to find your line in record time.

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