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When should you wear a waist belt after giving birth ?

abril 19, 2022 3 min read

When should you wear a waist belt after giving birth ?

Have you just given birth to a child? Or are you about to give birth and want to know when to start wearing a girdle after giving birth?

The post-pregnancy girdle can be very practical to relieve your body, not to mention that it can help you get back to a perfect figure quickly. However, it is not necessarily useful for all women. Its usefulness will depend on your morphology, your weight gain and above all on your feelings...

Our team of experts will answer all your questions now, in order to enlighten you on the subject.

After giving birth, the abdominal muscles and the perineum are weak. If you feel heavy, wearing a waist corset a few days after giving birth can help.

In less than 5 minutes, here's everything you'll learn:
  • Is the post pregnancy girdle useful for you?
  • When to put it on after giving birth?
  • How long should you keep it on to lose weight quickly?
If you want to know everything, then let's not waste any time and let's go!


apres acouchement vetement

 After childbirth, your body is fragile because it has worked so hard to give birth to your baby. Your skin is stretched, your internal organs (bladder and uterus) move, and abdominal fat has accumulated in the belly.

The post-delivery girdle is useful and effective if you want to get a flat stomach quickly. But not only that, this tight-fitting lingerie also helps to correct and improve your posture. After a pregnancy, it is not unusual to feel a sensation of heaviness, which is normal, since you have carried your child for 9 months. It can therefore be difficult to regain a certain comfort in your posture, fortunately the waist corset can relieve you instantly.

Especially since during pregnancy, fluids accumulate in the body. They often cause swelling of the legs, ankles, sometimes even the whole body, and it usually takes a month or more to get rid of them. The girdle induces sweating, and sweating helps to evacuate unwanted liquids.

Overall, the waist corset helps you to speed up the whole post-pregnancy regeneration process. It makes your life easier and allows you to regain a perfect figure as quickly as possible. The only condition is that you choose the best girdle after childbirth, i.e. the one that meets your expectations!


quand mettre une gaine grossesse

There is no specific time, but generally the waist corset is worn a few weeks after giving birth. Your body naturally starts to recover immediately after giving birth. You can therefore put on your girdle some time after you leave the maternity ward.

If you don't feel like putting it on so soon because you are too busy pampering your baby, don't worry. It is perfectly possible to wear the girdle several weeks after the birth. Take your time, listen to your body and your emotions.

Many new mothers want to know how long they should wear the waist corset each day. Outside of pregnancy, it is advisable to wear it between 8 and 12 hours a day. However, your body is tired and you may not be in the mood to keep it on that long. In this case, a few hours a day will be more than enough! Do what you feel like and don't force yourself in any way.


femme enceinte

Now you know whether or not you should wear a girdle after giving birth. You have also learned why it is useful and the benefits it will have on your body. So we would like to congratulate you on gaining all this knowledge through reading our article. We hope that it will be useful to you to lose those extra pounds and to feel better about your body.

Now you are wondering how to choose your girdle among all our models? You should know that there is no waist corset specially designed for a woman who has just given birth. The ideal is to select an underwear that will really meet your needs and desires.

It's simple, to reshape your bum while getting a flat stomach, choose a shaping panty. It will be very comfortable and it guarantees you total discretion. If you also want to slim down your thighs, shaping shorts are a variant of panties and are perfect for you. And finally, for women who want something more complete to reshape the body from top to bottom, you will not find better than the shaping bodysuit or the waist shaping suit.

The key is to get the lingerie you want. When you make your choice, remember to treat yourself. After all, you've earned it!

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