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abril 13, 2022 4 min read


Many women want to maintain a perfect figure when they are pregnant. This trend began in 2011 with the introduction of the pregnancy girdle. However, it is not without danger and you must be aware of this.

According to some doctors, wearing a pregnancy girdle can be bad for the arrival of your child, and for yourself. But what is really going on? Is it really dangerous to wear a girdle before the arrival of your baby? Zoom in on a controversial subject!

As experts in the field of waist cinchers, we will explain everything in detail.

Wearing a girdle during pregnancy can be harmful to the health of your child. This is because the compression prevents the free flow of your blood, which could deprive your baby of the oxygen it needs for proper development.

After reading this important article, here is what you will learn:

  • Why is the pregnancy girdle dangerous?
  • How can you keep your figure if you are pregnant?
  • Should you wear a post pregnancy girdle?

Ready to learn all about a raging debate? Let's go!


Yes, the girdle smoothes your curves, slims your stomach and even gives you a wasp waist. However, during pregnancy your body changes, and this is inevitable as it is necessary for the proper development of your child. As a mother-to-be, you certainly know this better than anyone...

femme enceinte gros ventre

So, first, ask yourself this question: Does this change have to be negative? Or is it a natural part of life that must be accepted?

Unfortunately, in the times we live in, society would have us believe that we have to be perfect in all circumstances. This is not true. Depending on your basic morphology, you will gain more or less weight during your pregnancy and this is normal. You can limit this by using natural tricks, but never by wearing a pregnancy girdle.

The waist girdle is useful for regaining self-confidence and losing weight quickly, but it is not suitable for a pregnant woman. It should be used when the excess weight is due to a poor diet, for example, and you are unable to regain your curves.

Now let's get to the heart of the matter. Why wearing a pregnant girdle can be dangerous for your baby's health and yours?

According to Dr. Elisabeth Duff, you should never restrict blood flow when you are pregnant. No matter what part of the body is involved, the blood must flow freely, because your baby needs oxygen badly. Oxygen is supplied by the natural increase in blood volume when you are pregnant.

Therefore, applying compression to the belly during pregnancy could restrict blood flow and deprive your baby of much-needed oxygen.

circulation sanguine enfant

You should know that wearing a girdle during your pregnancy could do the job of carrying your abdominal muscles. The problem then arises when you remove it. Your muscles will not be strong enough, as they will not have been "prepared" and you risk injury.

It is very important to take all these things into consideration, it is a health issue. Especially since it is quite possible to lose weight quickly after giving birth.


What about wearing a girdle after giving birth? This is an idea that makes sense! There is no risk of harming yourself or your baby. Nevertheless, you should wait 3 to 6 months before wearing your post pregnancy girdle. This is the time needed for your body to recover naturally from the trauma it suffered during childbirth.

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In what situation can the post-pregnancy girdle be useful after a pregnancy? It will be interesting and effective if you have retained fatty mass in the abdominal area. Firstly, the waist belt will allow you to hide the fat that has accumulated. Secondly, wearing it regularly will help to burn off the excess fat.

For even more effectiveness, a balanced diet and some post-pregnancy exercises would be a real bonus to get a flat stomach. It is possible to slim down your figure in just a few weeks if you are persistent.


Here are a few natural tips to keep your curves beautiful during your pregnancy.

First, eat healthily, for your figure and above all so that your baby is in excellent health on the day of birth. To do this, you can eat a little of everything, but avoid ready-made meals. Choose fruit and vegetables, and slimming recipes specially designed for pregnant women.

Also avoid all kinds of drinks, most of which are full of sugar. The best drink? Water! And that's a good thing, because a pregnant woman needs to drink a lot of water. The need for water increases considerably during pregnancy.

Don't forget to use stretch mark cream. If you apply it regularly, you shouldn't have any marks on your beautiful belly.

The Body Shaper team wishes you all the best for the most beautiful day of your life, and for your newborn baby, who should be arriving any day now!

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