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What waist cincher should you choose ?

abril 14, 2022 5 min read

What waist cincher should you choose ?

Are you having trouble selecting the right girdle to make you slim? Do you want to know exactly how to choose the perfect waist corset, to get the best possible results?

It's a good question and well worth asking. It would be a real shame to rush headlong into ordering a girdle that doesn't really meet your expectations. By choosing an unsuitable sheath, you could be disappointed and have a bad experience. However, the aim of the girdle is to slim your waistline instantly, and to make you lose weight quickly.

This is even more complex when you know that there are several collections of waist corsets, all different from each other. But don't worry, I'm an expert in this field and I'll guide you.

To choose a good waist corset, define your objectives. Do you want to camouflage your curves in an instant? The classic girdle would be the best choice. Do you want to accelerate your weight loss through sport? Then a waist belt is the right choice for you. Want to reshape your entire body? Go for a shaping bodysuit! A wasp waist? Then the shaping corset is for you.

Here's everything you'll learn in this short read:
  • Define your slimming goals
  • Choosing the right girdle for you
  • Avoiding mistakes in your purchase

Are you ready to see all this in detail? Then let's go!


Before making your choice, you must understand what a waist corset is for and who it is for.

gaine minceur

First of all, this concerns you if your current appearance does not suit you. You want to remove small flaws in your stomach and back. Perhaps you also want to lift your bum to have more sensual curves and to obtain a shapely chest.

Secondly, have you lost all confidence because of an unattractive physique? This is a real problem and should be taken seriously. Indeed, body complexes affect your state of mind and you must act quickly to regain your self-esteem.

Do you recognise yourself in certain criteria? If the answer is yes, then the waist corset can definitely help you! It serves to reshape your body quickly so that you can regain your confidence. But also to promote effective and lasting weight loss so that you can flourish as a woman. If you want to know more, our waist belt buying guide can help you.

Now you know clearly what a girdle is for, now let's see how to choose it successfully.


Une femme qui sait comment choisir une gaine minceur

The choice of your waist corset is of paramount importance, because it will be a part of your success. Define concretely your ambitions for the next few weeks, what do you really want to achieve? Use this list of objectives to make it easier:

  • Camouflage fat rolls and get immediate results
  • Lift your bum for a beautiful shape
  • Get a flat stomach that lasts
  • Burn more fat during your sports sessions
  • Get a wasp waist like a star
  • Reshape your entire body
  • Slim down your thighs

To continue reading this guide, you must have defined your desires. Feel free to write them down on a sheet of paper for clarity, it's all good? Great, let's continue!


The standard waist corset is characterized by its discretion, as it is invisible to wear under clothes (yes, even under a tight dress). It is usually very thin, flesh-coloured or black and is worn as underwear.

You should choose the discreet waist corset if you want to get an instant flat stomach, and lift your bum. Some of them are also designed to slim your thighs, for which you just have to select a mid-length model. Note that each of these waist corsets is designed to help you lose weight by burning fat.


The shaping corset is distinguished by its ability to considerably reduce your waistline. Indeed, it allows you to obtain a wasp waist in only a few moments. It is not for nothing that it is the favourite slimming accessory of stars like Kim Kardashian.

Most of our shaping corsets are made of high quality latex. A very effective fabric to burn fat by making your love handles sweat. Bonus point, through compression, the shaping corset tends to lift the chest to give it more volume. It is possible to tighten it according to your desires using the three levels of clip.


How to redesign your whole body? The shaping bodysuit seems to be the perfect girdle to sculpt a perfect physique in a single slip. Not to mention that this tight-fitting lingerie gives you a very sexy look.

The shaping bodysuit is therefore used to shape your bum, smooth your hips, your back, but also to give you a flat stomach. It is therefore the ideal choice if you want to achieve a perfect figure and overall weight loss.


Are you an avid sportswoman? And your goal is to accelerate the results of your sports sessions? Look no further, our waist belts for women will make you crazy with joy. They are made of neoprene, the ultimate textile for a "sauna effect" (extremely effective sweating).

Quick and easy to put on, and ultra comfortable. These are the words that best describe the waist belt. It can be worn daily to lose weight even faster.


Femme qui choisi la bonne taille

The size of the girdle also has an impact on its effectiveness. I can't say it enough, but don't take a smaller size to lose weight faster, it doesn't work! It's just a preconceived idea that we see everywhere on some blogs...

So how do you choose the right waist corset size? You need to select the perfect size and you only have one measurement to take. This is your waist size, so take a tape measure and pass it around your waist (at the navel).

Keep your measurement in mind and go to the size guide available on the sheath of your choice, take the corresponding size. If you are between two sizes, choose the next size up.


Here we are, we have seen together what a girdle is for and the different important elements to choose it successfully. To sum up, you must define your objectives and choose the type of girdle according to them. Then go to the girdle collection that best suits you.

For the rest, trust your feminine instinct, and especially choose the one that will make you happy! Your girdle should make you happy, because it is by no means a "chore" to wear it every day. On the contrary, think of it as an ultra-feminine undergarment that will enhance what is already beautiful, namely you!

Congratulations on the knowledge you have gained and here is the final word:

All women are beautiful, unique and wonderful, never forget that.

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